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There are about 140 public monuments and other works of art in Kuopio. The City of Kuopio owns about half of them.The Kuopio Art Museum is responsible for the maintenance of the works of art in the City of Kuopio's art collection.

The links to the online maps and games are here: Kuopio Sculptures and Kuopio Memorial Plaques.

Download the free Nomadi App and start your adventure tour of the Kuopio sculptures and memorial plaques.The application allows you to play the Kuopio Sculpture Game and the Kuopio Memorial Plaque Game, which take you from one target to another and give you information on each target.The games start at the Kuopio Art Museum.The application determines your location by GPS.The games contain questions about the sculptures and memorial plaques.After a correct answer, you get additional information on the work of art concerned, and the map shows you the route to the next target.The Kuopio Sculpture Game takes you to thirteen different targets.The route is about 5 km long.The Kuopio Memorial Plaque Game contains eight targets.The route is about 2 km long.To play the games, you need an Android or iOS phone.You can also download the games on your phone beforehand and play them without an Internet connection.Remember to charge the battery of your phone before you start the tour!