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Perspectives in the Art Museum's Collections

from 24. March 2018 -

Kuopio Art Museum is opening a new, extensive exhibition of its collections called The artist's view. It presents a range of art from the art museum's collections, which contain around 7,000 works of art. The exhibition displays works of art from the early decades of Finnish art to the present day.

Art tells us how artists have viewed their environment, people, and their inner selves at different times. Visual observation alternates with emotional experience in the artists' work. The prevailing ideologies of the time are also reflected in the artistic expression.

The exhibition is divided into six topics. The Nature section shows how environmentally critical commentary from contemporary artists has taken up its place alongside depictions of traditional romantic nature experiences and pure observations of landscapes. Urban life has brought an admiration for technology and mechanical culture, construction, architecture, and an abstract idiom to art. The depiction of people in art is a timeless theme. Portraits express the artist's sensitivity and ability to see their models' personal character and various emotions. The collections' classics remind us of a time when they, too, were contemporary art. Kuopio Art Museum's extensive graphic art collection showcases a selection of well-known representatives of the serigraphy technique. The changing Contemporary Art section is linked to the Brothers von Wright exhibition on display at the art museum from 24.3.-2.9.2018. The von Wrights' tradition and study of nature continue in the work of many contemporary artists.