Exhibitions Exhibitions

Our Land
9 June - 16 September

The exhibition challenges visitors to review their conceptions of independence and Finnishness. The core of the exhibition consists of Mika Taanila's, Timo Wright's, Sam van Ingen's and the Tehonrakentajat Art Group's short films on the past and current myths of what being Finnish entails. YLE (Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company) gives the public access to old archive films and encourages people to use them to make short films of their own.

Flowery days
18 March - 2 September 2017

Spring will bring flowers to the Art Museum. The glow of meadows and colorful bunches of flowers take us towards the light and warmth of of summer.Violets, dandelions, roses, lilies and many other familiar and not so familiar flowers bloom in the works prented in the exhibition,

On a Journey with the Artist - Taiteilijan matkassa
from  May 17, 2013

The new basic exhibition of Kuopio Art Museum takes the visitors On a Journey with the Artist.The journey takes us from the idyllic landscapes of northern Savo depicted by Fridolf Weurlander and Ferdinand von Wright through the streets of the old town of Kuopio towards the present day. While admiring the landscapes, we can also watch the birds that the von Wright brothers, Matti Karppanen, J.Fr. Tuhkanen and other bird artists have painted with amazing accuracy.

The journey continues from local landscapes to monumental national romantic sceneries and to winter views painted by the Halonen family of artists.The journey also offers a review of symbolism and the works of the pioneers of Finnish graphic arts, Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Hugo Simberg. Approaching Europe, the easel and a palette with brighter colours are taken out into the open air, and the journey continues to the world of photography and to modern metropolis.

Next, the journey takes us through a portrait gallery which gives us intimate glimpses into the inner worlds of artists and then continues to the world of angular, dispersed shapes of cubism and to the inner feelings and emotions of expressionism in the works of November Group expressionists Tyko Sallinen, Anton Lindforss and Ilmari Aalto. The journey ends with a view into abstract expression and the politically inspired art of the 1970s.

On a Journey with the Artists also gives us a deeper insight into Juho Rissanen (1873-1950) and his art.Letters, photographs and sketches introduce us to this cosmopolitan artist, whose roots are firmly in the province of Savo.